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Moving companies provide a variety of services to help residents and businesses move to a new location. These services include providing labor to pack and move tangible inventory from one location to another. In addition to providing labor, moving companies offer insurance coverage and other benefits. These companies are an important part of any successful relocation.

A long-distance move requires a lot of planning and can be expensive. The cost of a long-distance move varies widely and depends on several factors. The distance and weight of your belongings play a major role in the price. However, there are some cost-effective options for long-distance moves. The cost of a long-distance move can be significantly higher than a local move, because of the additional time it takes to transport heavy items. In addition to the labor costs, there may be storage fees or additional fees for the mover to store your belongings if need be. There will also be a charge for gas and mileage, so it’s important to get a quote that reflects these costs.

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Moving jobs require a great deal of physical and mental energy, as they require lugging heavy items, handling traffic, and navigating stairs. The work also requires some disassembly and assembly of furniture and equipment. In addition, movers must follow safety regulations and understand the paperwork associated with moving. Moving companies are also required to provide insurance and take responsibility for the goods they transport in their trucks.

Movers help people move their homes or businesses. The process of moving can be risky and labor intensive, so many people choose to hire professional moving companies to move their property. They also ensure that your furniture is safe during transport by wrapping it in protective materials and loading it carefully. If you’re looking to move, contact The Other Guys for a free estimate on our services.

What We Offer


Long distance moving

So you’re planning a long move? Whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, allow us to help! We would be happy to work with you to come up with a custom quote for your move.


Local Moving

Whether you’re moving from one residence to another or need your belongings moved into a storage facility nearby, we’re here to help! We specialize in local moves in Michigan.


Junk Removal

Need stuff hauled away? We’ve got you covered! Let us do the dirty work for you and give you peace of mind knowing your junk is gone!

Here’s What Our Clients Say about Us

These guys were fantastic. Fast, efficient, handled our things with care and gave us grace for being a little unorganized. Really appreciated the help and the service

Terence W, Redford Charter Twn, MI

Why Choose Us?

We are not just your average movers! We take pride in taking the time to listen to our customers and understand how they want the job to be performed. We understand that your belongings are not just “things”, they are valuable and important to you and therefore, they are valuable and important to us. 

So, book your next move with us, sit back, relax, sip some lemonade, and let us do the heavy lifting for you!

ALLAN A, Spring Lake, MI
The Other Guys helped us load our moving truck in a very professional way. Their guys were courteous and careful. They were very knowledge about loading the truck. We would recommend them to anyone who needs moving services.
Kyle E., Grand Rapids, MI
Had to scramble after movers I had scheduled needed to cancel but I was able to get the other guys the same day and they did a fantastic job moving me from a 3rd floor apartment! Thank you to the other guys for making my day a less stressful one!!
Lauren P., Byron Center, MI